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About Axel H. Carlsson & Co. AB

Axel H. Carlsson & Co. AB (AHC) is a combined agency and trading company located in Gothenburg, Sweden. AHC provides spare parts, equipment and systems to the marine- and power plant industry in Sweden and worldwide.
From the very start, AHC has been acting as representative for foreign producers on the Swedish market and this has given us a thorough experience how to best perform in order to promote and sell various products. We have always chosen to work with serious and reliable partners, a choice that has helped us build a strong reputation and goodwill for both our principals and ourselves. AHC will continue to strive in this direction together with both current and possible future partners.

AHC is the Swedish agent for the following companies :

Evac logo EVAC - Designs, manufactures and markets environmentally friendly waste and wastewater collection and treatment solutions for the marine and building industry.

SPX logo   ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand - A Leading Provider of Pumping Solutions.

Company History :

Since its founding in 1916, AHC has been involved in the marine business as supplier of equipment and spare parts. During the early years the activities were based on agency business solely and our main customers were Swedish shipyards such as Götaverken, Eriksberg, Lindholmen, Kockums and Uddevalla.
In the mid-1970s our national shipyards began to face major problems due mainly to competition from the Far East. AHC was quick to perceive the emerging situation and began to establish contact with ship owners, managers and operators worldwide in order to meet their needs for various ship spare parts.

Evac :

For over 35 years AHC has been working with Evac (Electrolux) vacuum toilet spare parts. Ever since we started our trading business this has been an interesting and important product category for us.
Year 2001 Evac Oy in Finland was looking for a new local distributor and the year after AHC was officially appointed as new Swedish after sales representative. This meant we were able to start keep Evac spare parts in stock locally in Sweden, hence provide better service and more rapidly deliveries.
2009 we got the opportunity to handle also the Evac project sales in Sweden and 2011 we were appointed after sales representative for the Polish market.

ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand :

AHC has represented ClydeUnion Pumps for more than 40 years in Sweden and it has been a long and successful collaboration. It all started with pumps for the marine new building industry but since the early seventies focus has been on the Swedish nuclear power industry. Among others condensate- and feed water pumps were delivered to nuclear- and oil fired power stations such as Ringhals, Barsebäck, Oskarshamn and Stenungsund, since then we supply spare parts and maintenance on a regular basis. During the years, through acquisitions, ClydeUnion Pumps has grown with further brands thus our business has enlarged which is very joyful and challenging.

SPX Spares

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