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FM Marin offers boat owners, all over the world, level indicators that increase comfort on board. Their products are quick to install, easy to use, reliable and contribute to a better environment.

Gobius level indicator for water, oil, diesel, gasoline and waste

Gobius is the first and only level indicator in the world that can measure the contents in tanks made of any material, such as plastic, stainless steel, steel, aluminum and fibre glass, from the outside. Since it measures from the outside, cleaning the tank or drilling holes is unnecessary.


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Gobius tank level indicator is based on patented and innovative Gobius Technology. The technology is best described as "knock and listen". Every sensor that is placed onto the tank wall consists of a shaker and an accelerometer. When the shaker creates a vibration in the tank wall, the accelerometer measures the size of the vibration and passes the data on to the control unit.

For all tank materials

Optimize for your need

Very easy to calibrate

No tanks look the same. There are always differences in e.g. size, construction, thickness and age. In order to compensate for these differences you have to calibrate the tank before you start to use your Gobius. However, the calibration only takes a few seconds; all you need to do is to press a button.

Stena Jutlandica

Gobius installation on vacuum collecting unit onboard the vessel M/S Stena Jutlandica.

Please see the Gobius Leaflet.

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