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Evac Vacuum Toilets

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Evac 910 vacuum toilet :

Our latest model, the Evac 910 is the quietest toilet on the market, according to tests carried out by an independent research centre. The Evac 910 is available in floor and wall models, and uses the proven Evac pneumatic flush mechanism, with flush memory and vacuum sensor technology.

The water consumption of the Evac 910 is very low and can be adjusted, as can the flushing time. With the Evac 910 there are no overflows, backflows or unflushed toilet bowls caused by a temporary loss of vacuum.

The new Prestige seat can withstand 280 kg, is resistant to cigarette burns and scratches and can be made of anti-bacterial urea (optional), offering additional protection against a wide range of bacteria.

The following models are also available from the Evac 910 series :

For technical information see the pdf file attachments below :

Evac 910 Wall and Floor models :
Evac 910 Wall Evac 910 Floor

Evac 910 Stainless and Squatting models :
Evac 910 Stainless Evac 910 Squatting

Evac Vaccum toilet animation : If unplayable, please try here.

Evac Classic toilet

The Evac Classic is an innovative new model designed for the crew cabins on cargo and passenger vessels. It is fully pneumatic with an extremely effective one-nozzle flush technology, and a flushing mechanism which is integrated into the push button. It has relatively few simple and reliable moving parts, making it an extremely reliable vacuum toilet.
Maintaining the Evac Classic is easy, time-saving and cost effective.

Evac Classic :
Evac Classic

Technical information file attachments :

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